Author: M.O. Exum

02 Jun Faro, NC

Located in eastern North Carolina, in NE Wayne County and just minutes from Goldsboro is a tiny little bedroom community with unmatched natural bounty– Faro, N.C. Since it’s not far from Seymour-Johnson Air Base, Faro takes an active role in support of the Armed Services,…

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01 Jun Teacher Appreciation Day

When: June 2 Where: Downtown Raleigh The NC Legislature is hosting Teacher Appreciation Day Monday, June 2, 2014 in downtown Raleigh. Teachers are invited to come and burn their graduate degrees and line up to be arrested by State Capitol Police beginning at 5PM on…

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01 Jun The Kirk-Holden War

During the Spring and Summer of 1870, several unrelated and unfortunate events conspired to incite what is today known as the “Kirk-Holden” War. Events began on Febuary 26, 1870 in the town of Graham, N.C. in Alamance County, when citizens held an unprecedented recall to…

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