Going to the Doctor's Office

24 Jun The Human Betterment League

For centuries, Winston Salem has been on the cutting edge of science serving as birthplace to such classic innovations like branded tobacco products, men’s socks and underwear, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. But in addition to being ground zero for the beneficent tobacco industry, Winston-Salem’s illustrious…

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11 Jun Cumnock, NC

Being the south’s premier resource-rich paradise, North Carolina has enjoyed a long, profitable, mining history. The nation’s gold fever began here in the Old North State in Cabarrus County way back when in 1799 and spread west to CA and onward to the Klondike. We’ve…

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DOT Crews working

03 Jun The Cliff Benson Beltline

One little-known secret of North Carolina history is the 16.4-mile monument constructed to honor former NFL tight end Cliff Benson. Benson, originally from Palos Heights near Chicago, IL, played for several southeastern NFL teams including the Atlanta Falcons, the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans…

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Caswell County has a storied history of unusual yard ornaments.

01 Jun The Kirk-Holden War

During the Spring and Summer of 1870, several unrelated and unfortunate events conspired to incite what is today known as the “Kirk-Holden” War. Events began on Febuary 26, 1870 in the town of Graham, N.C. in Alamance County, when citizens held an unprecedented recall to…

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