Dr. Carroll’s Sanitorium

When the grind of modern life begins to drag you down, there’s really nothing like a trip to North Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for rejuvenating the spirit and soul. If you’re looking for a quick getaway to recharge your batteries, Asheville NC offers one of the best venues to recover through means of “diversion” and “productive occupation” at Dr. Carroll’s Sanitorium.

A 15-acre complex standing on the northern end of Asheville’s historic Montford district, the Sanitorium campus includes landscaped grounds for curious patients to explore, a program of treatment for mental and nervous disorders and addictions based on exercise, diet and occupational therapy, and has attracted patients from all over the country. Along with Dr. Carroll’s ground-breaking rehabilitation techniques of electroshock and insulin therapy, he also hires cured former patients to put their newly regained sanity to productive use.

Once you’ve exhausted the peaceful scenery, explored the fine architectural examples and recovered your wits about you, there’s still fun to had. If you’ve made friends with hospital staff, they have been known to give double helpings and may invite favored guests to a well-kept secret tradition, the midnight pajama marshmellow roast!

AUTHOR - M.O. Exum

A lifelong resident of NC, Exum is passionate about values. Including, but not limited to: eugenics, voter suppression, toxic waste, political corruption, fascism and the overall oppression of women & poor peoples.

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