Faro, NC

Lost nuclear ordinance makes for exciting easter egg hunts!

Lost nuclear ordinance makes for exciting easter egg hunts!

Located in eastern North Carolina, in NE Wayne County and just minutes from Goldsboro is a tiny little bedroom community with unmatched natural bounty– Faro, N.C.

Since it’s not far from Seymour-Johnson Air Base, Faro takes an active role in support of the Armed Services, participating in the the annual Memorial and Veterans Day parades in nearby Goldsboro and housing leftover Cold War nuclear ordinance since the early sixties.

Ecologically populated with Dry Oak-Hickory and Dry-Mesic Oak-Hickory Forests and interspersed with Pine Savanna, Sandhill Seep, and Wet Pine Flatwoods habitats, the rich soil and plentiful water from the Upper and Middle Neuse and Northeast Cape Fear watersheds has made Faro a productive agricultural community.

AUTHOR - M.O. Exum

A lifelong resident of NC, Exum is passionate about values. Including, but not limited to: eugenics, voter suppression, toxic waste, political corruption, fascism and the overall oppression of women & poor peoples.

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