The Blind Tigers and Women Suffragettes of Washington, N.C.

The long-held tradition of Christmas spirits in eastern parts of North Carolina are known to be particularly sweet affairs, but even the most self-actualized of those amongst us can appreciate a good dessert wine. While Manteo in Dare County boasts the 400-year old Mother Vine, Hyde, Beaufort and Duplin Counties are also known for their own Scuppernong Muscadines varietals.

And Duplin Winery’s Christmas Wine promises to warm the souls humbuggiest of us all, as Mrs. Green and Mrs. Carter can attest:




As I say, I want the time to come when I will not have to humiliate myself to get anything done.

-Mrs. Carter, Beaufort County, NC

AUTHOR - M.O. Exum

A lifelong resident of NC, Exum is passionate about values. Including, but not limited to: eugenics, voter suppression, toxic waste, political corruption, fascism and the overall oppression of women & poor peoples.

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