Woolworth’s Lunch Counter

Location: 132 South Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: (336) 274-9199
Hours: 10am-6pm M-Sat


A popular haunt for many of the local college students, the lunch counter at Woolworth’s serves fresh hot coffee, sandwiches, soups and other offerings. A Soda Jerk on staff will handily whip up any frosty treat you request, so long as you don’t try adulterating the sweet, lily-white dairy goodness that is the locally supplied ice cream. Be sure to get there early as this popular bistro fills up fast!



My delicate stomach can’t handle ethnic food, so like most of our customers I appreciate the tried and true bland, flavorless lunch fare we offer.
-Clarence Harris, Manager

AUTHOR - M.O. Exum

A lifelong resident of NC, Exum is passionate about values. Including, but not limited to: eugenics, voter suppression, toxic waste, political corruption, fascism and the overall oppression of women & poor peoples.

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